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Earwig Identification & Prevention

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Why do I have an earwig problem?

Where do I find earwigs?

How do I get rid of earwigs?

  • Your home has high moisture levels.

  • There are cracks in your foundation or gaps around door and window frames.

  • You keep outdoor lights on at night.

  • They got inside on a potted plant or in a package.

     When there is a drastic shift in weather, earwigs will look for a place to hide. If your home provides the necessary conditions for them, you are susceptible to an infestation.

Keeping in mind that earwigs are not looking to crawl into people's ears, you may sometimes find them in beds because they like warm and dark places to hide. They also gravitate toward the kitchens and bathrooms of local homes.


Sacramento residents can contact us at Green Day Pest Control for assistance with earwigs and other home-invading pests, where you can choose from monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly visits from one of our expert service techs. During these visits, we'll spot treat with sprays in the most common pest hotspots.

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