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Home Pest Control

Comprehensive Pest Control For Your Sacramento Home

Rest easy

     Our customers’ peace of mind is our top priority at Green Day Pest Control, and everything we do is to provide it by delivering the solutions you need for a pest-free home. Our service begins by listening to your needs and concerns then performing a free inspection around the exterior of your home to identify your specific pest control needs. We can also do interior inspections if you’ve seen pests inside.

     We’ll customize a treatment plan to protect your home from common Sacramento pests based on your needs and what we find during our inspection. We use natural products that are kid and pet-friendly. Most of our treatments take place around the exterior of your home and may include a full de-webbing of your house, garage, and fence line, the treatment of eaves, windows, the foundation, the garage, and more.

     Our follow-up services are also performed around the exterior of your house and include most of the same treatments that we do during our initial treatment. Follow-up treatments will keep your home pest-free in the long term. We offer these services monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly, depending on your needs.

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We will conduct a thorough inspection of the exterior of your home to identify your pest issues. We’ll also talk with you to discuss your needs and concerns.


Our treatments deal with your specific pest control needs. We use natural products that are kid and pet-friendly, and we focus on the exterior of your house.



Follow-up treatments keep pests from returning to your house by maintaining your home’s protection. We offer monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly services based on your needs.

Additional Pest Services

In addition to our general home pest control, we also offer a variety of pest-specific home pest control services. Please visit the service pages listed below to learn more about these options.


We Provide Peace Of Mind For Your Home

Finding pests in your house is stressful, but with the help of Green Day Pest Control, you can have peace of mind that you live in a healthy, pest-free home. As a local company, it is truly our goal to help our community by providing effective, long-lasting pest control solutions. We go above and beyond for our customers, and we are ready to help you on your way to a pest-free home. Contact us today to request your free inspection.

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