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Centipede & Millipede

Identification & Prevention


What are centipedes & millipedes?

Because of their name, you might think centipedes have 100 legs, but this isn't true for all species. The same goes for millipedes, which are usually smaller in North America than in other places where they can have over 700 legs.

To help you better distinguish centipedes from millipedes, here are some general features of each pest:

  • Body: Centipedes have a long flat body, while millipedes have a round worm-like body, but both have hard exoskeletons.

  • Legs: Centipedes can have one pair of legs per body segment, while millipedes have two pairs per segment.

  • Antennae: Centipedes have long antennae, while millipedes have short antennae.

  • Behavior: Centipedes are quick predators, while millipedes are decomposers.

Are centipedes & millipedes dangerous?

Although considered nuisance pests, centipedes and millipedes can both have negative physical effects on people. Some people may be allergic to centipede venom, injected by a rare but painful bite.

On the other hand, millipedes can contain hydrochloride acid depending on the species. This chemical can cause burning and discoloration of the skin. With both of these pests, it is best to avoid touching them!

Why do I have a centipede & millipede problem?

If you have either centipedes or millipedes in your home, you likely also have a moisture problem that could be caused by poor ventilation, leaks, a damp foundation, or other issues.

Your moisture issue might draw these pests in, but they will stay if there is access to food. Along with a moisture problem, if you see centipedes around your home, you could also have other pests infesting too.

Giant Centipede
Kimono Garden Couple

Where will I find centipedes & millipedes?

If you turn over a rock in your yard, you might just come across a centipede or millipede because they both prefer dark and damp places to hide. Inside, common places you can find these pests are closets, under sinks, and in bathrooms, basements, crawl spaces.

How do I get rid of centipedes & millipedes?

The best way to get rid of any pest is with the help of a trusted expert, like Green Day Pest Control! With our residential pest control offerings, you can get these creepy-crawly insects out of your home and keep them out!

As a locally owned and operated company, we aim to keep Sacramento-area homes pest-free. We offer safe and effective pest control services for centipedes and millipedes, as well as other pests, that meet our customers' individual needs.

Learn about our home pest control and commercial pest control options in Sacramento and the surrounding communities and how you can start with a visit from one of our service techs by calling us today!

How can I prevent centipedes & millipedes in the future?

As mentioned above, centipedes and millipedes love moisture. So the best way to keep these pests out of your home is by addressing ant moisture issues. Not only will this help to keep centipedes and millipedes away, but other pests too!

You can better understand what conducive conditions your property offers pests with a detailed inspection from one of our Green Day Pest service techs today.

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