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Nesting Wasp Identification & Prevention

Are nesting wasps dangerous?

Wasps have a smooth stinger, which allows them to sting multiple times unlike the barbed stingers of honey bees. These stingers are one of the factors that make wasps dangerous. Other reasons wasps are dangerous include:

  • As social insects, wasps have to protect the queen(s). If they feel threatened, they will swarm.

  • Some wasp species are more aggressive than others.

  • People can be allergic to wasp venom and be completely unaware until a sting happens.

Even if you believe a wasp nest is empty, you should still stay away from it and call an expert for assistance removing the nest.

Why do I have a nesting wasp problem?

Below are three factors that contribute to why you have wasps living and nesting on your property:

  1. They like to build their nests in protected areas your yard may offer them.

  2. There is plenty to eat such as flower nectar, honeydew, and some insects.

  3. There is a source of water which can include pools, ponds, and rainwater.


Where will I find nesting wasps?

We mentioned that nesting wasps look for protected places to build their nests. These places can include:

  • Under decks, balconies, and eaves.

  • In trees, logs, and stumps.

  • Inside the walls of houses, sheds, and other outbuildings.


How do I get rid of nesting wasps?

When it comes to dealing with a wasp infestation, you should never try to remove these pests yourself. Instead, reach out to us at Green Day Pest for nesting wasp control and removal services.

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